Berlin artist LUCA wins “Toast To Freedom” song contest


On Human Rights Day, December 10, 2012, Amnesty International released two new versions of “Toast to Freedom” – one of them is the winner song of Amnesty´s song contest.

Coinciding with the release of “Toast to Freedom,” Amnesty  sponsored a competition encouraging musicians all over the world to enter their own musical interpr

etations and arrangements of this catchy tune.  Of the many entries received, “Toast to Freedom – The Berlin Mix” by the young Berlin artist Luca, was unanimously chosen by the judges as the winner.  Inspired by Berlin’s own struggles against tyranny, Luca succeeded in creating a moving arrangement that captures a deep and intense yearning for freedom.  Luca’s version was also a clear winner for songwriter Carlton: “The message of the original, which is about each individual’s right to freedom and the protection of human rights around the world, is in Lucas’ version transformed into a very personal one. Lucas’ version is fragile, sensitive, but at the same time it delivers a very concrete message.  This is a young voice coming forward to make the point that the fight for freedom and human rights takes place in our very own back yards every day.” Executive producer Jochen Wilms says, “Luca’s Berlin Mix adds a new and very personal dimension to the artistic initiative.  She recorded it independently in Berlin and, together with Berlin cameraman Daniel Devecioglu and co-director Tom Richter, also produced her own video – a truly impressive and moving professional production!” Beside the worldwide release, Luca wins a great Duesenberg Carl Carlton Signature guitar. The follow ups will get a fine Apogee microphone.

Watch the video! Here is the Making Of ! Get the song at iTunes! All proceeds go to Amnesty International. More infos at