New concert dates

Exciting news for Carl Carlton fans !

4 new concert dates have been announced for 2015. Get your tickets now at:

  • 12.03.2015 Schwerte, Rohrmeisterei
  • 13.03.2015 Brilon, Bürgerzentrum
  • 14.03.2015 Nordhorn, Alte Weberei
  • 15.03.2015 Leer, Zollhaus

We are also very happy about the feedback we get from the UK press.. just 2 of the latest quotes : -The Beat “A record producer of the highest caliber & a strong release that grows with each play. Carlton is perfect for a slot on Jools” -R2 Mag “High quality adult rock… a vigorous & distinctive blend of genres all delivered with consummate skill.”

If you still don’t have your album, you can get it here :
iTunes :